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The Evangelical Mission of the Gypsies of France or Life and Light is a group of evangelical Christian churches of the Pentecostal movement, with about 250,000 members and 276 assemblies in France. An institute of theology is affiliated to it, the Life and Light Bible School.
Pastor Clément Le Cossec founded the magazine Vie et Lumière and the Evangelical Mission of the Gypsies of France in 1954. According to Pastor Le Cossec's account, this movement was born following the healing of a young Gypsy in 1950, which caused several conversions, but above all the awareness by Pastor Le Cossec in 1952 of the state of abandonment of the Gypsies, both by the civil and religious authorities. In 1968, the Mission became the autumn of the Assemblies of God of France. It brings together many Gypsies: it claims about 110,000 members in France, and more than 220 churches on the national territory1.

Since the death of Pastor Clément Le Cossec in 2001, the movement has been led by Pastor Georges Meyer.
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